BRATIMENE Arcángel & Theodosii Spassov

A musical encounter between two geniuses who present a energetic and exquisite multi- flavoured dish of flamenco and Bulgarian rhythms. Flautist Theodosii Spassov is a master of improvisation on the kaval, the Bulgarian wooden shepherd’s flute. He is a storyteller, blending traditional Bulgarian folk music with jazz and classical music into his own unique, highly individual style. In this concert his rich musical world will join up with the extraordinary universe of cantaor Arcángel, who the critics unanimously praise as the heir of the late and great Enrique Morente. The singer from Huelva is one of the leading lights of a new generation of vocalists who is making waves internationally with his creative renditions of the classical jondo repertoire. Arcángel transcends flamenco borders with a subtle and rich imagination, always grasping the roots. He collaborated with the Orchestre Tetuan from Morocco and lent his voice to a number of contemporary pieces of the Spanish composer Mauricio Sotelo, with whom he performed during ‘Flamenco Sin Fin’, the final gala at the III Dutch Flamenco Biennial in 2011. Arcángel and Spassov explore musical horizons from the Balkans to the flamenco breeding grounds of Andalusia and back again. This musical dialogue will offer both maestros the chance to follow their instincts in a swinging “open flamenco space”, demonstrating the ease with which the shepherd’s flute combines with flamenco rhythms, as well as the richness and boundlessness of the world heritage treasure that is flamenco.

Arcángel gives part of his solo part away to a phenomenal Bulgarian flute player with whom he initiates a musical dialogue that brings about the deepest feelings of two different cultures. Right from the start you feel that this is about intercultural respect. And through the interweaving of the voice of the singer and the sounds of the shepherd’s flute arise moments of incredible beauty.
La Vanguardia, 27th of May 2012

Line up: Arcángel – flamenco singing Theodosii Spassov — kaval Dani de Morón – flamenco guitar Agustin Diassera – percussion
World Première: Barcelona, Mercats de les flors. May 26 2012

Theodosii Spassov is unquestionably the greatest virtuoso of Bulgaria’s shepherd flute, the kaval, and in his hands the simple tube of wood pierced by holes is capable of an astonishing range of sounds, effects and endless subtleties of phrasing. Kim Burton, SONGLINES

He actually created a new musical genre. NEWSWEEK….like a jam session between Ian Anderson and Thelonius Monk. CHICAGO TRIBUNE
What he manages to produce on his wooden flute is sensational. BERLINER MORGENPOST
His work on the Kaval was nothing short of pure genius. HOWARD ROVICS
Spassov sounds like the late flutist and saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Except Spassov plays a simple, rural shepherd’s flute. CHRIS NICKSON

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Theodosii Spassov