Produced by:

Theodosii Spassov
kaval, vocals, bagpipe

Featuring: Yanka Rupkina

Boika Velkova

Georgi Petrov

Valentin Yankov

Georgi Dontchev

Stoyan Yankulov

  1. Tum-Pa-Ta-Ta, Takun-Ta-Ta – 4:44
  2. Galeno Horo (For Roummen Siakov) – 5:05
  3. Ruchenista-Ruchkanista – 4:58
  4. Lalista – 2:53
  5. The Maidens Grief – 3:03
  6. By The Village, On The Hills – 3:19
  7. Untamed – 1:25
  8. Somewhere In The Rhodopes – 5:03
  9. Graovo Dance – 3:57
  10. A White Plane – 7:01
  11. Manipulation – 7:01
  12. Balada Za Edna Naduta Gaida – 5:59
  13. Welkya (Night Tawny Owl) – 3:59

“Standing on the river bank, we saw the river burning with the asphalt which the factory was pouring out into it and we saw its waters dragging along dead animals, roots, and waste. … Eventually there appeared a huge radio box and when we took it out of the water and got to breaking up the loot it contained, a welkya* bone, a light bulb in pieces, a mud-congested bottle, and the stole the priest from the church nearby – all those signs that had predicted the life to come. The bone meant death; the broken bulb, darkness; the grimy bottle, a servitude of spirit; and the priest’s stole. A lack of faith. The radio box itself, the bird’s deathbed, might well have been a symbol of man’s music in those times of nightmares – songs were coming out of his mouth, yet only curses reached our ears.”

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Theodosii Spassov