The fish are praying for rain

Produced by:

Theodosii Spassov
kaval, voix,duduk

Roumen Toskov
piano, clavier

Hristo Yotzov
batterie, percussion

Valentin Gerov
alto (plage 11)

Theodor Spassov
voix (plage 14)

  1. Morning back Crack 216
  2. Father’s Workshop
  3. Isgrev Village 5:18pm
  4. That’s it
  5. St. George 5:01pm
  6. For Nicki
  7. Isgrev Village 11.16pm
  8. Tudorka
  9. Sometimes-Never
  10. A trainstop 9:23am
  11. The Fish are praying for rain
  12. And S-S-So On
  13. Vesta
  14. Prayer

Theodosii Spassov Trio The Fish Are Praying For Rain Hailed by the Rough Guide as a master of the traditional Bulgarian kaval (shepherd’s flute), Theodosii Spassov has gained an international reputation for his virtuosic improvisations and innovative Balkan-jazz arrangements. His trio of kaval, piano, and drums weaves Bulgaria’s famous “crooked rhythms” and cascading melodies into the jazz idiom.

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Theodosii Spassov