The fish are praying for rain

  1. Morning back Crack 216
  2. Father’s Workshop
  3. Isgrev Village 5:18pm
  4. That’s it
  5. St. George 5:01pm
  6. For Nicki
  7. Isgrev Village 11.16pm
  8. Tudorka
  9. Sometimes-Never
  10. A trainstop 9:23am
  11. The Fish are praying for rain
  12. And S-S-So On
  13. Vesta
  14. Prayer

Theodosii Spassov Trio The Fish Are Praying For Rain Hailed by the Rough Guide as a master of the traditional Bulgarian kaval (shepherd’s flute), Theodosii Spassov has gained an international reputation for his virtuosic improvisations and innovative Balkan-jazz arrangements. His trio of kaval, piano, and drums weaves Bulgaria’s famous “crooked rhythms” and cascading melodies into the jazz idiom.

Produced by:

Theodosii Spassov
kaval, voix,duduk

Roumen Toskov
piano, clavier

Hristo Yotzov
batterie, percussion

Valentin Gerov
alto (plage 11)

Theodor Spassov
voix (plage 14)

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