Produced by:

Matt Darriau
alto sax, clarinet, faux clarinet, gaida

Brad Shepik
electric guitar

Rufus Cappadocia
5-string cello

Seido Salifoski
dumbek, percussion

Matt Kilmer

Theodosii Spassov
kaval, vocals

  1. Theo’s Gambit – 9:3
  2. Maichinko – 10:54
  3. Paidushko – 5:39
  4. Point – 5:50
  5. Faux – 6:51
  6. Free Gaida – 3:37
  7. Cocek I Gong – 12:07
  8. Tudorka – 5:06

Composer, bandleader, and multi-reedist Matt Darriau showed his interest in musical influences outside the jazz world as early as 1986. His “Balkan Bounce” was the very first track on the very first album of Boston-based big band Orange Then Blue and can be seen as a precursor to much of his work since. A stunningly virtuosic and hot player, Darriau can swing with the best of them – as can be heard on recordings by his band Ballin’ The Jack focussing on jazz from the ’30s and ’40s. However, traditional Balkan, klezmer, Celtic, and gypsy influences have always held an important place in Darriau’s musical universe. He has performed in many adventurous contexts, including the widely popular Klezmatics, who imbue Yiddish roots music with a contemporary flavor, Celtic-influenced bands Whirligig and Smash The Windows, and the polystylistic Les Misérables Brass Band…

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Theodosii Spassov