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“Theodosii Spassov Is unquestionably the greatest virtuoso of Bulgaria’s shepherd flute, the kaval, and in his hands the simple tube of wood pierced by holes Is capable of an astonishing range of sounds, effects and endless subtleties of phrasing. On the first of these CDs he is joined by clarinetist Nikola Iliev to produce a demonstration of what can be done with Bulgaria’s na trapeza (’music for listening’) tradition, using the most restricted of means. Each player gets a chance to explore the capabilities of their instrument in sustained solos, and they combine in duets where extraordinary extemporised meditations on song-tunes give way to intricate, high-speed dance melodies played in Immaculate unison or precisely realised harmony. The echoing spaces of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in New York where the disc was recorded complement the sound and feeling of the two musicians beautifully. It’s a splendid, restful and intelligent piece of work which repays repeated listening…” – KimBurton, Songlines

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Théodosii SPASSOV