Theodosii pushed ”In the Infinity” an overcrowded NDK (Hall 3)

The concert ‘’In The Infinity ” of Theodosii SPASSOV was held in an overcrowded NDK (Sofia). This new musical project is a combination of original Folk performances, with a Kaval, with elements of jazz, classical music and, sometimes, lyrics of movies. The idea of combining the sound of Kaval with a string orchestra came to Theodosii during a unexpected meeting with the conductor Ilya MIHAILOV in the metro of New York !. The musical background for this concert ‘’In The Infinity “was directed by the string orchestra” Studio Primo “, composed exclusively of young musicians from Pleven. These are all renowned musicians in various orchestras, such as the Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, the Chamber Music ”The Sofia Soloists’’, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Sofia. They added a classical musical color to Theodosii SPASSOV’s Kaval. There was also on stage – with Theodosii and “Studio Primo” – Rumen Toskov (piano), Michael Yosifov (trumpet) and Christo Yotzov (percussion). Some excerpts of film’s musics: “Granitsa” (The Border) and “Warden of the Dead“  from Ilian Simeonov and music of the play: “End of the Game” of Grisha Ostrovsky brought an extra touch to this unusual musical patchwork. But when Theodosii played solo, the room froze in a trance …… He played two hours Non Stop, and even apologized for taking so much extra time to his audience. The combination of Jazz and Kaval is his typical and very personal talent . To bring together musicians of different genres is very important for Theodosii’s heart . He played three years with the group of dance and Irish music ”Riverdance.” Theodosii was rewarded with the prize of the Académie Internationale des Arts in Paris in 1996 and won “Musician of the Year”in 1997 and 2002 and , since then, many more Prices.

Назад към списъка с новини

Теодосий Спасов