American Festival of Microtonal MusicMicroMay ’99May 20, 1999Columbia University’s St. Paul ChapelOpener

Report on MicroMay ’99 Concert of May 20th held at Columbia University’s St. Paul’s Chapel.

Theodosii Spassov’s work on the Kaval was nothing short of pure genius as this brilliant young virtuoso expressed his whole world of influences through a shepherd’s pipe, coaxing from it the purest flute tones at one moment to sounds full of raw breathy guttural power. My mind reeled as I heard coming from this clarinet sized keyless instrument full bodied tones in the lower bassoon register. I loved the way he built toward the episodes that sounded distinctly Bulgarian in rhythm and nuanced pitch.

Theodosii Spassov: So true – after the show I took a look at his flute. It just a tube, the mouthpiece: an end bown hole. One minute he’s playing a flute, then he produces a didgeridu-like buzz with his lips that access a much lower range of notes. He played solo but also performed a stunning duet with Johnny Reinhard. Amazing Overall it was a great and inspiring evening.

Howard Rovics

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Теодосий Спасов