Brooklyn is situated in the BalkansGo East: The Festival ” jazz Across the Border ” follows the Blue Notes until IndiaOF NOVEL RHODE

In the west nothing new? Thus the Avangardisten of the New Yorker jazz scene may see that, which direct its attention for years toward the music from Eastern Europe. They could be inspired first from the Klezmer, in addition, from traditional gypsy ensembles, which corrode their salient on the Balkans in the meantime with jazziger Phrasierung enrich. Guenther Huesmann, which artistic ladder of ” jazz Across the Border ” states, anyhow alone musical reasons, which behind the slogan of this year of the Festivals: ” ‘ new East ‘ does not have to do anything with the fact that the Balkans is guessed/advised into the current headlines. ” Rather the Blue Notes and that expressive tone giving, which are usually charged exclusively to the American Urjazz, belongs already since hundreds of years also to the eastern music.

Their jazz affinity finally brought a Balkans and a Orientwelle in rolling, which are so far ignored however by the large disk companies. On the other hand this wave in the house of the cultures could still construct itself. Huesmann gives to understand also for this year in the quiet sound of the Understatements: ” we do not want to make Acts, but projects to push, enable dia.-logical processes. ” The numerous meetings of improvised music, which take place on two weekends, nevertheless let hope for an event quite own type. They point the far beyond Urals until India.

And in such a way the memory of Shakti will probably particularly be located to tape, which already united classical Indian music with jazz before 25 years in the footlights of the Festivals – and since short renewed this meeting. Both Shakti veterans John McLaughlin (guitar) and Zakir Hussain (Tabla), which with two further Indian musicians to Berlin come, supply with today however no more jazz skirt. Instead of its horchen it still more strongly than before on the zusammenklang of their different types of play, in order to make thereby for the Indian term ” Shakti ” all honour: ” creative intelligence, beauty and strength “.

With the Lebanese-German Oud player Rabih Abou Khalil again is enough the Orient into the Balkans. Abou Khalil, which draws the jazz public with its charmful compositions and a pronounced sense both for melodische arabesques and the refined Harmonik of the new world into the spell, met itself now a long preserved desire. For the first time it occurs together with the Bulgarian Virtuosen Theodosii Spassov, which blows the Kawa, a rustikale crossing between flute and Dudelsack. Such an exchange does not want to suppress by any means the different origin of the musicians. These behave to each other rather like the sharp fire colours of a faience, which do not resolve themselves at the high temperatures of the final glaze.

On the other hand musician from different cultures often brings a quite new sound world on the stage. ” if the people our music hear, always ask them, where we come, say ” Brad Shepik of Pachora, a group, which ranks among the pioneers of the Balkans and Orient jazz of the New Yorker scene. ” we answer then: from the Brooklyn from today. ” Jazz – the gate to universality? Only, if the mutual appreciation is protected and the any Klangcollage is avoided. None brought better on the point than the Turkish Ney Floetist the Kudsi Erguner, which is to be likewise heard with its Sufi jazz project on the Festival: ” fusions take place in test tubes and company days, not however in the music. ” Here the wind is unique on east. The Festival jazz Across the Border runs of 11 by 19 June in the house of the cultures of the world

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