Theodosii Spassov TrioThe Fish Are Praying for RainTraditional Crossroads

A remarkable fusion of Bulgarian folk music and contemporary jazz. The Fish Are Praying for Rain is a mirror of the city life of Sofia, complete with complex interlocking 5/16 and 11/16 rhythms, scatting which at moments is Turkish, then Indian, then American, and traditional folk melodies from the widely varying regions of Bulgaria. Theodosii Spassov is a master of the traditional Bulgarian end-blown flute, the kaval, which although most associated with the music of shepherds, becomes an invaluable tool in Bulgarian jazz. This successful experiment ends on a quiet note midst the city sounds, reminiscent of the calm beauty offered in the Bulgarian countryside.

Paula Kirman

Theodosii Spassov blows a modern-jazz-inspired shepherd’s flute on The Fish Are Praying for Rain

The Fish Are Praying for Rain by the Bulgarian Theodosii Spassov Trio is the most recent Traditional Crossroads release. On it, Spassov sounds like the late flutist and saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk on tracks such as “Karchenitsa 216″ (“Morning Back Crack 216″)- except Spassov plays a simple, rural shepherd’s flute.

Chris Nickson

Назад към списъка с новини

Теодосий Спасов